Our Mission

Black Canyon Heritage Park (BCHP) provides visitors with a variety of experiences to arouse curiosity and to instill a sense of discovery and stewardship for the area's outstanding cultural, historical, recreational, and environmental riches.


Your gift, no matter how large or small, makes all the difference to saving the values of our region's riparian, cultural, recreational, and historical riches. Every dollar is used to support our programs and services. 

Programs and Services that we wish to expand: 

  • Events like WinterFest that has our conservation partners and friends join us to share their exhibits and expertise with our visitors. 
  • Educational Material - such as: 
    • interpretive signs in the Visitor Center and around our lake 
    • Educational brochures (our newest one is on bats). 
    • FUTURE - Educational programs at the park and at schools 
  • Habitat Improvements for birds, butterflies, and native endangered fish 
  • Riparian Habitat maintenance and improvements  
  • Arizona Humanities / Smithsonian Institute Arizona WaterWays 

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