Our Mission

Black Canyon Heritage Park (BCHP) provides visitors with a variety of experiences to arouse curiosity and to instill a sense of discovery and stewardship for the area's outstanding cultural, historical, recreational, and environmental riches.

Youth Education Opportunity
We prescribe healthy activities for fun and education that will help all our visitors reap the incredible physical, psychological and spiritual benefits of outdoor activities.  We particularly want to engage our youth to set them on the path of being stewardships of our community and environment.  


  1. Restore desert riparian areas and wildlife habitats.
  2. Educate visitors about the area's historical, cultural, recreational, and natural resources.
  3. Create native fish habitat and watchable wildlife opportunities.
  4. Increase awareness about natural resource agencies and partners.
  5. Maintain native flora and fauna.
  6. Promote water and energy conservation.
  7. Provide interpretive trails, Museum, Visitor Center, ramadas, and an amphitheater.
  8. Link visitors to the surrounding public lands (e.g. Agua Fria National Monument and Black Canyon National Recreation Trail)