Black Canyon Heritage Park (BCHP) and Bureau of Land Management-Agua Fria National Monument (BLM-AFNM) (AFNM) hosted this event Saturday, October 5, 2019 at the park.  Desert Botanical Garden and BLM-AFNM provided butterfly friendly plants with experts to help plant them.  BLM supported  our volunteers with T-shirts, snacks, and expertise while BCHP provided water and lunch.

Volunteer tasks included:

  • Planting of various types and sizes of plants donated by the Desert Botanical Garden (DBG) and BLM – AFNM.
  • Removal of unwanted plant and invasive plants (such as buffelgrass).
  • Removal of brush litter from various parts of the park.
  • Clearing the accessible trail of bushes and branches extending into the trail area.
  • Weed whacking near the pond to make room for new plants

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