Playing Cluekeeper at the Park.
Find clues using the BCHP Scavenger Hunt Ap
Click on photo to view & bid.

Black Canyon Heritage Park provides visitors with a chance to experience nature and culture in a family friendly, nurturing environment.

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Open Schedule Visitor Center & Park

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday

9 AM to 1 PM

        • Masks required in the Visitor Center to protect our visitors and volunteers; we have free masks available (will take donations)
        • Enter the park by going through the Visitor Center.
        • Once outside, follow CDC guidelines for outdoor activities - 

Items For Purchase

Learn more about our area.  Stock up on gifts for friends.  Support our Park.

Upcoming Events

Black Canyon Heritage Park hosts a variety of programs, events, and projects to engage our supporters, visitors, and community in conservation.

Youth Connections

We connect youth with the outdoors to discover healthy activities; inspire curiosity about nature and the environment; explore careers; and become stewards.

Items for Sale

BCHP ClueKeeper Scavenger Hunt - a one time play game download at the park - $10


BLACK CANYON WATERS - by Marcy Miller - $10


AGENT H2O  by Rita Goldner - $17.95.

QUINCY THE QUAIL BOOKS by Barbara Renner  - $11.00.

NATURE PHOTOS BY PAUL SANTORI - Pricing Varies; see inventory at Visitor Center 

Contact us at or 6232938629 if you would like to purchase any of the above.


Work Day at the Park

Come enjoy a day outside with friends.

Help maintain and improve our park for your community and our visitors.

Future Work Days will be posted here.  We hope to have our next workday late Spring.

Click HERE for few pictures from the October 10, 2020 Public Lands Day - Work Day at the Park.

Park Rentals

Black Canyon Heritage Park may be rented for your next family picnic or to larger corporate or social events.

Due to COVID-19, groups size will be limited, masks required, and other COVID-19 guidelines applied.  If you are considering a specific event at the park, email for more information.

  • For Rental Overview & Fees, click HERE.
  • For Rental Guidelines, click HERE.
  • For Rental Form, click HERE.

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