Water is important to life; home is where water is.

If you live or play in the area extending from Prescott to Phoenix, you know some of the wonders of the Agua Fria Watershed – These are areas of land in which water collects and, ultimately, drains into the Agua Fria River.

Your involvement is so important!  You can promote watershed sustainability by send us updates/resources and with your donations to develop educational materials, promote stewardship, and schedule events with experts to share their insights.

The web site is at http://aguafriawatershed.org/ and continues to be expanded. Please send relative articles, pictures and/or suggestions.  

Our Agua Fria Watershed program covers the Watershed with a Display and Website.  It has 4 Sections to Inform and engage visitors to: 

  • Inform and engage visitors to
    • Conserve water and riparian areas.
    • Advocate for water and riparian conservation.
    • Promote resilience to ensure sustainable watersheds.
  • Be a resource for the stewards for the Agua Fria Watershed

This project was created to as local component for the Water/Ways Exhibit held in Black Canyon City and now can be used in schools and educational programs.  

Water/Ways was made possible in Arizona by Arizona Humanities and the Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives and School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies at Arizona State University.


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