“Linking You to Riparian Life"

Black Canyon Heritage Park provides you a unique and exceptional opportunity to an unique and rare Sonoran Desert riparian area. Riparian areas comprise of less than .4% of Arizona but they are so critical in filtering pollutants, reducing stream bank erosions, providing wildlife habitat, attracting recreation activities, and providing a peaceful respite.

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Donate using:

  1. PayPal (credit cards accepted)  or
  2. Check payable to BCHP and mailed to BCHP, Box 33, Black Canyon City, AZ 85324

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Items for Sale

Book Cover - Black Canyon UndergroundBLACK CANYON UNDERGROUND by Marcy J. Miller - $20
Stagecoach robberies, kidnappings, escaped fugitives, and murder: Black Canyon City has hosted them all. From its gold-laced earth to its healing mud, Black Canyon Underground holds scores of stories about tough, authentic Arizonans. Marcy Miller unburies them and brings them back to life.


BLACK CANYON WATERS - Waterways and Water in Black Canyon City History by Marcy Miller - $10
Devoted to the water history of the Black Canyon City area - primarily, the impact of the Agua Fria Watershed on early settlers and later residents, as well as people and events linked to the area waterways and water use.


NATURE GUIDE - $7.95.  This guide will help visitors identity the spectacular riparian and upland plants and wildlife that have been seen at the Black Canyon Heritage Park (BCHP) in Black Canyon City along the Agua Fria River.



Agent H2O  by Rita Goldner - $17.95.
Agent H2O is on a mission, chased by his evil nemesis, Scummy Pollution. Will Agent H2O reach thirsty plants and animals in time? The science is accurate and STEM based. The message is important: an eco-friendly lifestyle, reduction of pollution, and water conservation.


QUINCY THE QUAIL BOOKS by Barbara Renner  - $11.00.
Each of these interesting books beautifully illustrated for children gives factual information about quails and other animals which might come across their paths.


PHOTOS BY PAUL SANTORI (NATURE PHOTOGRAPHER) - Prices posted on photo. Various sizes and topics but all from Arizona; most from our area. 

cluekeeper players

BCHP Scavenger Hunt
Mobile Phone One Time Use Ap - $10
You and your group can enjoy the beautiful scenery and learn more in-depth about all of the exciting wonders in the Agua Fria watershed! Come play our new trivia-filled scavenger hunt on your cell phone that is based around all things at the Park.
Ap developed by Escape Rooms Mesa!

 Your Park Relies on Funding From:

The Heritage Park Coalition works hard to apply for grants and reach out to community sponsors, and these efforts have paid off.

Individual donations are crucial to the operations of the Park. 100% of all funds from all sources (donations, fundraising, and grants) will be used for tax-exempt activities that support the Park's mission.  If you have a certain feature or activity that you’d like to see at the park, a donation is the quickest and easiest way to ask the management coalition to consider making that happen. A donation allows you to make a personal, unique contribution to our community.

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