As of March 2021, over 113 bird species have been seen at the park and recorded at our E-Bird hotspot.  Click HERE to see the list documented on E-Bird.  Please add to the list; add pictures when you can.  Here's some commonly seen birds:

Red Wing Black Bird
Red Wing Black Bird
Gambel's Quail
Gambel's Quail
Western Wood-Pewee
Western Wood-Pewee


One can expect to see these butterfly species at the Park almost any time of the year. There are other more seasonal species.  Click HERE for a great site for identification.  We would love to have your butterfly pictures taken at the park.

1.                   Pipevine Swallowtail

2.                   Checkered White

3.                   Cloudless Sulphur

4.                   Sleepy  Orange

5.                   Orange Sulphur

6.                   Snout Butterfly

7.                   Queen

8.                   Painted Lady

9.                   Empress Leilia

10.                Western Pygmy Blue

11.                Marine Blue

12.                Checkered Skipper


Check out these sites for more related information:

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