Black Canyon Heritage Park provides visitors with a chance to experience nature and culture in a friendly, nurturing environment.

The thirty acre Park is located in the heart of Black Canyon City, AZ (map).  It is designed for conservation and education.

Our volunteers and the interpretive displays will introduce you to the area’s destinations and wildlife.  As the gateway to the area, we are the:

Visitor Center

Efforts at the Park involve maintaining and improving the riparian habitat for a variety of wildlife species.  This includes keeping our trails paths accessible and having work days to remove invasive species.

    Whether it's going back into history, biking, hiking, vacationing, learning about areas riparian ecosystem, or just taking a break from the road, Heritage Park can help you learn more about our area and guide you to your next destination.

    The Friends of the Agua Fria National Monument have an office and role at the Park to introduce you to the Monument and all of its discoveries. These discoveries include a rich biological, cultural, and history of the early Arizonans and Native Americans to the area.

    The park is also home to Black Canyon City's own Historical Society housed in the Historic 1926 Schoolhouse and Museum.




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