Want to learn more about water?  Interested in a program that covers the historical, cultural and environmental role of the Agua Fria watershed from pre-historic to present times; geology of area affecting water; water management changes over the years; and methods of wise water management?   Black Canyon Heritage Park offers you this opportunity with their “Water, Black Canyon City & Me” program.

Through a series of activities throughout 2019 at local venues, the “Water, Black Canyon City & Me” 2019 program will highlight the ways we all interact with water and society’s dependence on water while sharing ways that we all can act as water stewards.

The “Water, Black Canyon City & Me” program extends and localizes information covered the Arizona Water/Ways exhibit.  Water/Ways exhibit has been made possible in Arizona by Arizona Humanities and the Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives and School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies at Arizona State University.  Water/Ways will be hosted by Black Canyon Heritage Park and Canon Elementary School District at the elementary school in December 2019.

We will be collaborating with our many partners to bring more events to various venues in Black Canyon City and surrounding area.  Our partners include governmental entities, nonprofits aligned with our efforts, local media sources, schools, and youth-based organizations, local leaders, and other water experts.

For March, these are our scheduled events:

  • March 2, 3:00 PM to 4:45 PM at the Black Canyon City Community Library - Paul Hirt will present Water in Arizona: Past, Present, Future. Paul Hirt is a Professor of History, Senior Sustainability Scholar, and member of the public history faculty at Arizona State University.
  • March 3, 9 AM to 2:30 PM - we'll have a booth at the Spur Cross Ranch Archaeology Expo held at the Spur Cross Ranch Conservation (44000 N Spur Cross Rd, Cave Creek, AZ 85331).  Learn more at
  • March 22 (Glendale), 23 (North Phoenix), and 24 (Sun City) -  we are collaborating with ProMusica Arizona for their Mountain Days: The John Muir Musical in Concert Learn more at

Check our calendar for upcoming events, details and updates -

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